Map of Australia

Map of Australia

Map of Australia highlighting the nuclear and uranium sites. We have produced this resource as a printed poster as well as an interactive map containing detailed information on each site.

Map of Australia Poster

Please see the poster page for more information on how to obtain some posters for you to distribute into your local community.

The poster page also includes links to download copies for you to print yourself.

Additionally you are able to download the source files and reuse, remix and distribute under the creative commons licence.

Interactive Map of Australia

Please visit our home page to explore the interactive map of Australia.

Why a Map?

We have produced this map to allow people to visualise the extent of which the Nuclear industry and military have impacted on Australia. This allows people to see geographically where various famous sites are that they may of heard of such as Jabiluka proposed uranium mine as well as discovering the less known sites such as the Port Pirie uranium treatment plant.

We know that many people were inspired to get active in resisting the nuclear industry after seeing the first poster produced by Scott Ludlam. We are excited to print another run of this updated map to be distributed to community spaces, schools and workplaces Australia wide.